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Put the Power of Essential Oils to the Test

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Now that we’ve explored 100 different ways to use essential oils, we can see that these natural gifts of the earth truly have the power to change how we live life. Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list—it’s only the beginning!

Equipped with an understanding of the best practices for using essential oils for things like cooking, cleaning, sleep, and exercise, you’re ready to put their power to the test. Use the suggestions in this book to help you take a more natural approach to everyday life, to free you and your family from the toxic load that weighs on so many of us.

As you continue learning about essential oils and the best ways to use them, you’ll gain confidence in yourself—before you know it, essential oils will become a normal part of your everyday life. You’ll have the knowledge and resources you need to safely care for your family, keep your home running smoothly, take control of your health, and so much more.

With the power, potency, and versatility that essential oils have to offer, it won’t take long for you to realize how some of earth’s most powerful resources can transform your daily life. So don’t wait another day to feel like you’re in control— start using essential oils now to see how a single drop can change everything.

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